5th Grade Time Worksheet

In 5th grade time worksheet, students can practice the questions on units for measuring time. The questions are based on convert the time, addition of time, subtraction of time, elapsed time, Word problems on time.

I. Convert the following:

(i) 12 hours to minutes

(ii) 2 hour 15 minutes to seconds

(iii) 5 days to hours

(iv) 4 weeks to days

(v) 25 days to week and days

(vi) 11:35 p.m. to 24 hour clock

(vii) 1640 hours to 12 hour clock

(viii) 2118 hours to 12 hour clock

II. Add the following:

(i) 12 minutes 20 seconds and 32 minutes 25 seconds

(ii) 35 minutes 30 seconds and 13 minutes 50 seconds

(iii) 6 hour 28 minutes 45 seconds and 7 hour 38 minutes 28 seconds

(iv) 62 years 8 months and 7 years 5 months

(v) 13 weeks 2 days and 10 weeks 3 days

III. Subtract the following:

(i) 25 minutes 20 seconds from 37 minutes 50 seconds

(ii) 7 hour 15 minutes from 9 hours

(iii) 14 week 3 days from 16 week 1 day

(iv) 8 years 7 months from 11 years 9 months

IV. Complete the given table:

5th Grade Time Worksheet

V. Answer the following questions:

(i) Ron is travelling to his home town. He travelled for 4 hours 35 minutes by car, 5 hours 40 minutes by train and 50 minutes by auto-rickshaw. How much time did it take Ron to reach his hometown?

(ii) Fredrick spends 1 hour 30 minutes in gym each day except Sunday which is a holiday. How much time does he spend in the gym in 1 week?

(iii) Rita is 6 years 14 weeks old and his cousin is 6 years 50 days old. Who among them is older and by how much?


I. (i) 720 minutes

(ii) 8100 seconds

(iii) 120 hours

(iv) 28 days

(v) 3 weeks 4 days

(vi) 2335 hours

(vii) 4:40 p.m.

(viii) 9:18 p.m.

II. (i) 44 minutes 45 seconds

(ii) 49 minutes 20 seconds

(iii) 14 hour 7 minutes 13 seconds

(iv) 70 years 1 month

(v) 23 weeks 5 days

III. (i) 12 minutes 30 seconds

(ii) 1 hour 45 minutes

(iii) 1 week 5 days

(iv) 3 years 2 months

IV. (i) 1 hour 35 minutes

(ii) 2:25 a.m.

(iii) 0130 hours

(iv) 14 November

(v) 6 August

V. (i) 11 hours 5 minutes

(ii) 9 hours

(iii) Rita is older, 48 days

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