4th Grade Subtraction Worksheets

In 4th grade subtraction worksheet we will solve 4-Digit Subtraction, word problem on subtraction, Estimate the difference by rounding off the given numbers,  successor  and predecessor of a number.

I. Subtract:

(i) 3123 from 4785

(ii) 2583 from 6000

(iii) 1865 from 15987

(iii) 8910 from 9508

II. Find the number which is:

(i) 623 less than 3452

(ii) 2657 less than 5555

III. Choose the right answer:

(i) When we subtract zero from any number, the answer is:

(a) 0

(b) 100

(c) Number itself

(ii) The predecessor of 6580 is:

(a) 6579

(b) 6581

(c) 6580

(iii) What is 100 less than 2650?

(a) 2550

(b) 2600

(c) 2750

(iv) What is 1000 less than 8792?

(a) 9792

(b) 7792

(c) 8892

IV. Choose the right answer and fill in the blank:

Subtracting 1 from a number gives …………………….. of the number.

(i) Predecessor

(ii) No change

(iii) Successor

V. Estimate the difference by rounding off the given numbers:

Estimate the Difference

VI. Given below is the subtraction wheel. Subtract the number of the middle circle from the number in the inner circle and write the answer in the outer circle.

Subtraction Wheel

VII. Using subtraction, express the middle number in four different ways. One has been done for you.


Four Different Ways Subtraction


Four Different Ways Subtractions

VIII. Sam bought a chair for $1940 and Ron bought the same chair of $650 less than Sam. At what cost did Ron buy the chair?

IX. Choose the right answer:

(i) 2984 – 1784 =

(a) 1000

(b) 1100

(c) 1200

(ii) The difference between largest 4-digit number and smallest 3-digit number is:

(a) 9999

(b) 9899

(c) 8999

(iii) The predecessor of smallest 4-digit number is:

(a) 10000

(b) 1000

(c) 999

(iv) 6894 – 100 – 10 – 1

(a) 6783

(b) 6900

(c) 6893

X. Write next two numbers in the series:

(i) 9800, 9700, 9600, ………….., …………..

(ii) 8692, 7692, 6692, ………….., …………..

(iii) 3394, 3393, 3392, ………….., …………..

(iv) 6287, 6277, 6267, ………….., …………..

XI. Word Problems on Subtraction:

1. There were 50,000 mango trees in a garden. Out of them 35,432 are cut down. How many mango trees are there in the garden now?

2. David bought a TV for $35,490. He then sold it for $580 less the next year. What is the selling price?

3. An exporting company has to export 356,254,532 coir mats every year. In the first six months only 142,384,722 mats were exported. How many more mats should be exported in the next six months.


I. (i) 1662

(ii) 3417

(iii) 14122

(iii) 598

II. (i) 2829

(ii) 2898

III. (i) (c) Number itself

(ii) (a) 6579

(iii) (a) 2550

(iv) (b) 7792

IV. (i) Predecessor

V. (i) 6850 – 5430, 1420, 1421

(ii) 3500 – 1200, 2300, 2250

(iii) 5700 – 3900, 1800, 1887

(iv) 27000 – 25000, 2000, 2764

VI. 2066, 4500, 1566, 4066

IX. (i) (c) 1200

(ii) (b) 9899

(iii) (c) 999

(iv) (a) 6783

X. (i) 9500, 9400

(ii) 5692, 4692

(iii) 3391, 3390

(iv) 6257, 6247

XI. 1. 14568

2. $ 34,910

3. 213,869,810

4th Grade Math Activities

4th Grade Math Worksheets

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