4th Grade Math Practice 2

In 4th grade math practice 2 children can examine or increase their own knowledge before the test or exam on different topics by practicing this sheet. Questions are mainly related to simplification, finding sum, difference and products of the numbers, writing numbers in words and figures, estimating products and also questions on geometrical shapes.

Test Yourself

1. Write the smallest four digit number: 

(a) Using different digits. 

(b) Using different digits with a zero in the hundreds place. 

2. Simplify and write the answer in words:

839 + 3049 - 487 

3. Simplify: 

92294 + 1828 - 6375 - 2190

4. Write the numbers in figures and find the sum:

Twenty four thousand four hundred forty five;

thirty two thousand two hundred twenty;

four thousand sixty eight.

5. The sum of two numbers is 8976. If one number is 6898, what is the other number?

6. There are 289 students in class III; 235 students in class IV and 295 students in class V. Estimate the total number of students in the three classes.

7. Find the product using the column method:

4218 × 204

8. Find the product using the expanded rotation method:

214 × 84

9. Estimate the product by rounding each number to the nearest hundred:

426 × 258

10. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Simple closed curves formed only three line segments are called ______________.

(ii) A simple closed curve does not ______________ itself.

11. How many triangles are there in this figure?

How many triangles are there in this figure

Answers for 4th Grade Math Practice 2 are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. 1023

2. Three thousand four hundred one

3. 87747

4. 60733

5. 2078

6. 800

7. 860472

8. 17976

9. 120000

10. (i) triangles

(ii) cross/intersect

11. 11

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