4th Grade Math Practice 1

In 4th grade math practice 1 sheet we cover questions in rounding numbers, roman numerals, find the sum and difference and then round it, addition and subtraction word problems, finding the missing digit, identifying the geometric shapes.

Test Yourself

1. (a) Round the following numbers to the nearest 10.

(i) 5609

(ii) 9099

(b) Round to the nearest 100. 

(i) 289

(ii) 1532

2. (a) Write the English numbers for: 

(i) XIX

(ii) XIV

(b) Write the Roman Numerals for:

(i) 29

(ii) 24

3. Write vertically and find the sum. Also round the sum to the nearest thousand.

3846 + 4029 + 2987

4. Find the difference of 9384 and 2156 and round it to the nearest thousand.

5. Last year 3097 children visited the museum. This year there were 548 less. How many children visited the museum this year?

6. The museum shows only half of its total painting at one time. 3885 paintings are on display now. How many painting does the museum have? 

7. Fill in the missing digits:

4th grade math practice

8. What must be added to:

(a) 10050 to make 12550.

(b) 1280 + 35 - 400 = _____

9. Name the following figures:

Name the following figures

10. What is a simple closed curve?

Answers for the 4th grade math practice 1 are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. (a) (i) 5610

(ii) 9100

(b) (i) 300

(ii) 1500

2. (a) (i) 19

(ii) 14

(b) (i) XXIX

(ii) XXIV

3. 10862; rounded to 11000

4. 7228; rounded to 7000

5. 2549 children

6. 7770 paintings


Fill in the missing digits

8. (a) 2500

(b) 915

9. (a) triangle

(b) circle

(c) rectangle

(d) square

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