3rd Grade Geometrical Shape Worksheet

In 3rd Grade Geometrical Shape Worksheet we will answer the different type of questions on straight line, curve line, plane shape, solid shapes, drawing solids on a lat surface, and tangrams.

I. Choose the correct answer:

1. Which plane figure looks like a flattened circle? ………….

(i) Square

(ii) Triangle

(iii) Oval

(iv) Rectangle

2. A sphere has ………… face.

(i) Flat

(ii) Curved

(iii) Both

(iv) No face


3. A carrot looks like a ………….

(i) Cone

(ii) Cuboid

(iii) Sphere

(iv) Cylinder


II. Choose the correct answer and fill in the blank:

(i) In 7 pieces of tangram there is …………. Parallelogram. (two / one)

(ii) Tangram is a traditional …………. Puzzle. (Chinese / Indian)

(iii) Shapes that fit into each other without any gaps are …………. shapes. (tiling / round)

(iv) A map …………. Tells about the symbols used in the map. (direction / key)


III. Fill in the blanks:

(i) All four sides of a …………. are equal in length.

(ii) Conical objects have …………. vertex.

(iii) …………. has a closed shape made up of a curved line.

(iv) Spherical objects have a …………. surface.

IV. Color the image according to the given clues.

Color the Image

V. Say T for true and F for false:

(i) All the sides in a cuboid are equal.

(ii) A cone has a plane surface and a curved surface.

(iii) A tube light is cylindrical in shape.

(iv) A sphere has 2 edges and 2 corners.

(v) Every face of a cube is a rectangle.


VI. Draw a cone on an ordinary sheet and an isometric sheet.



VII. Make your own tangram and use your imagination to create shape of a horse.

Answers for the 3rd grade geometrical shape worksheet are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


I. 1. (iii)

2. (iv)

3. (i)

II. (i) one

(ii) Chinese

(iii) tiling

(iv) key

III. (i) square

(ii) one

(iii) Circle

(iv) curved


Color the Image According to the given Clues

V. (i) T

(ii) T

(iii) T

(iv) F

(v) F

3rd Grade Math Worksheets

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