Worksheet on Place Value

Worksheet on place value for fourth grade math questions to practice the place value of a digit in a number.

1. Find the place value of 7 in the following numbers:

(i) 7531

(ii) 5731

(iii) 5371

(iv) 5137

2. Find the place value of the digits whose position are in the thousand's place in the following numbers:

(i) 26307

(ii) 58407

(iii) 365219

(iv) 123456

3. Write 18 numbers, each being of 4 digits, using the digits 2, 5, 0 and 6 and using a digit once in any number so formed.

4. Find the sum of the place values of 5 in the following numbers:

(i) 3515

(ii) 52105

(iii) 61655

(iv) 52545

(v) 50005

(vi) 525250

(vii) 55348

(viii) 52756

5. Find the difference between the place value and face value of 7 in the number 234728.

6. Find the difference between the place values of 8 in the following numbers:

(i) 8248

(ii) 688

(iii) 88315

(iv) 28080

7. In the following numbers, find the digit which has the greatest place value:

(i) 2719

(ii) 720345

(iii) 9830

(iv) 40736

8. In the following numbers, find the digit which has the smallest place value:

(i) 2719

(ii) 720345

(iii) 9830

(iv) 40736

If students have any queries regarding the questions please contact us so that we can help you. However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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