Kindergarten Math Printable Worksheets

In kindergarten math printable worksheets we will learn and match the basic geometry shape. In geometry and measurement the children needs to identify the common geometric shape in each.

This activity develops an understanding of different types of shapes in geometry. The fun-idea of learning math shapes creates the awareness of the mathematical shapes. Here we mainly need eye-hand coordination, matching, observation and concentrating on details.

Matching Geometric Shapes:

Circle the similar shape as shown in the examples.

For example:

Matching Geometric Shapes

Math Only Math is based on the premise that children do not make a distinction between play and work and learn best when learning becomes play and play becomes learning.

In this math websites for kids the worksheets have been graded systematically to help children progress naturally. These kindergarten math printable worksheets can be printed-out from your home printers.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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