Worksheet on Area

In worksheet on area we will solve 10 different types of question in area.

1. Find the area of a rectangle of length 24 cm and breadth 13 cm.

2. Find the area of a square of side 40 cm.

3. Find the area of a square of side 21 m.

4. Find the area of a rectangular field whose length is 100 m and breadth is 76 m.

5. Calculate the area of a square patch of grass of side 16 cm.

6. Find the area of a rectangle when:

(a) length = 3 m 20 cm, breadth = 80 cm.

(b) length = 8 m breadth = 2 m 50 cm.

7. Find the length of a field of area 150 sq. m and breadth 12 m.

8. Find the breadth of a pathway whose area is 5000 sq m and length is 250 m.

9. Find the cost of painting square board of side 44 cm at the rate of $ 7 per sq. cm.

10. What will be the labor charge for tiling a hall 52 m long and 18 m wide at the rate of $ 8 per sq. m?

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